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Top 10 Best Wall Clocks In Wayfair and Amazon

Best Wall Clocks

Trying to find the best wall clock for your awesome wall? Don't have time to check out tons of wall clocks online? Stay cool, I got you covered here! What you'll see below are the top 20 wall clocks which are also the best selling products in Amazon and Wayfair! There are listed here from a different type of wall clock category, including modern clock design, high tech atomic clock, and so on.

Depend on your room decor, these clocks may seize the entire attention of your room because some of them are actually pretty damn attractive. Without further ado, let's take a look at the list.

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Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Oversized Eisenhauer Wall Clock

Oversized Eisenhauer 30-inch wall clock

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This wall clock is amazing. With over 2 thousands of positive reviews, Oversized Eisenhauer wall clock seized the top-selling ranking in Wayfair! If you want the best selling and most popular wall clock, that look no further - Grab this Eisenhauer and you're done!

This clock is created with gray-finished metal, featuring inner and outer rings connected by roman numerals. It's the best match for farmhouse decor and rustic homes.

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Oversized Eisenhauer 30-inch wall clock

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Laurel Foundry Decorative Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized Decorative 30-inch Wall Clock

Barebone Metallic Roman Clock

If you think Eisenhauer above is expensive, this one from Laurel Foundry for a bit cheaper, but will not lose in term of design and quality. This 30-inch wall clock is crafted from metal as well, and also have the same roman numerals to show you the time. Definitely fitting for your modern farmhouse interior or rustic and traditional home decor.

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Northrop Wine Barrel 24-inch Wall Clock

Wine Barrel Wall Clock

If you love wood design, this northrop wine barrel 24-inch wall clock will be a good taste for your wall. It's a versatile style of wood and metallic roman numerals combo, perfectly highlighted the wine barrel-inspired design. A suitable wall clock for rustic home decor or farmhouse interior design.

The weight of this wall clock is pretty heavy at 6 lbs, so you have to make sure to use a good hook and drill it deep enough to your wall to hang this clock.

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Oversized Willcox 24-inch Kaleidoscope Wall Clock

Oversized Willcox 24-inch Kaleidoscope Wall Clock

Kaleidoscope-inspired clock

This clock is pretty eye-catching, with multiple colors as the background palette for the numbers. It can really bring "life" on a boring wall, giving enough contrast and the unique look from a casual rounded wall clock design. The theme of this wall clock is more into the "industrial" design, but it's suitable for the most interior theme, such as farmhouse, modern minimalist, or even traditional home decor.

It's said to be inspired by kaleidoscope, but I personally think it's not really kaleidoscoping unless it can change its form on every tick 😉

However, this design will really pop out and could also a good wall clock for the kids' room (because it's colorful and nice looking).

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Oversized 31.5-inch Round Metal Wall Clock by Darby Home

Darby Home Oversized 31.5-inch Round Metal Wall Clock

Vintage and Classic Style

A really novelty clock design by Darby Home. Featuring a touch of French country flair to your home space, it has both Roman numerals and letter numbers in the clock design for your convenience. If you love classic and vintage decorative objects, do not let go of this one! Very suitable for rustic living room or bedroom decor.

Because the frame material is using particle board and partly metal, the weight is pretty heavy at 9 lbs. It's claimed to have an easy setup, but for extra insurance, make sure to have a good hook to hold it up.

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Atomic Wall Clock By La Crosse

Atomic Wall Clock By La Crosse

Popular Atomic Clock

Looking for a budget-friendly atomic wall clock that is selling like a hot cake in the most popular online store? Look no further - this La Crosse Atomic wall clock is the one!

Head over to the giant online store Amazon and you'll find this wall clock as the best selling and most reviewed products with over 1000 positive reviewers loving this simple clock.

Design-wise, it's not as cool as the clocks above, but it has its own charm and it's equipped with the high tech atomic self-adjust feature to give you a worry-free constant accurate time.

Just insert the battery, and it will automagically adjust the time using the technology inside.

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Frameless DIY Wall CLock by VanGold

Frameless DIY Wall CLock by VanGold

Frameless DIY Wall CLock by VanGold

If you really need a clock larger than an oversized wall clock, you can choose to buy a DIY wall clock like this one from Vangold. You can definitely turn your entire wall face into a clock if you want to because you only need to stick the numbers as far as you want. It comes with a 3D mirror design for the numbers and the clock itself, and you can freely stick it anywhere you want using the sticker behind the clock objects.

The main benefit of this clock is cheap, DIY and it has a modern design. However, it might not as easy as the product description said in term of installation. You have to properly measure the distance, the angle, and degree for it to correctly show you the time. But for the price of just $19.99, I think it worth it anyway :)

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Vangold Large DIY Wall Clock Black Version

Vangold Large DIY Wall Clock Black Version

Black Version DIY Clock

If the silver chrome version is not to your liking, Vangold also has the black version which looks equally amazing for your wall decoration.

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Imax 2511 Large Wall Clock

Imax 2511 Large Wall CLock with Pendulum

Pendulum Hiding Inside

Imax 2511 is the second best selling vintage wall clock at Amazon. It features a novelty / classic rust design and a built-in peak hole where you can see the pendulum swinging left and right. It's pretty unique as a retro timepiece. Very great decorative objects for your dull wall.

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Lulu Decor 25-inch Crystal Leaf Metal Wall Clock

Lulu Decor 25-inch Crystal Leaf Metal Wall Clock

Peacock-like Design

Lulu Decor has the range of interesting wall clock design and this Leaf Metal is one of the most beautiful ones.

Instead of calling it leaf, I feel the word "peacock" is more suitable for it. The design is like a peacock spreading its feathers and it's absolutely beautiful.

This wall clock is featuring non-ticking quartz mechanism, 25-inch wide (the clock itself is only 9-inch wide) and requires only 1 AA battery to run.

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