10 Beautiful and Decorative Trays For Your Awesome Living Room

Interesting Decorative Trays For Living Room Decor

Here you will find some of the most interesting decorative trays that you can use for your home decor. They are perfect decorative objects for living room, bathroom or even your bedroom if the overall "theme" is suitable. If you have frequent guests visiting your home, a suitable tray design will also help you express your style and taste to your guests.

The list below features different type of trays, starting from the common square-shaped design, rounded, and more. If you are looking for a new tray right now, keep reading on and hopefully you'll find your favorite! ;)

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Florentine Designed Blue Tempered Glassed Serving Tray

Artistic Blue Tray

This 8x18-inch long rectangular tray is so beautiful with its blue flowers and vines drawing. It's said that it's unbreakable thanks to the tempered glass material, and it's also oven and microwave safe up to 350-degree Fahrenheit.

If blue is not your thing, you can also go for the black version with the same design and material.

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Florentine Designed Blue Tempered Glassed Serving Tray - Blue Color Version

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Norbruk Steel Geometric Matte Black Trays For Living Room Decoration

Norbruk Steel Geometric Matte Black Trays

A set of 4 Trays

This steel tray is suitable for any room decor because it features unique shape and it comes in 4 different sizes.

Rustic, vintage, modern, traditional, farmhouse, etc. you name it! Aside from serving food for guests, tons of people use them for their bathroom for storing scrubs, soap, etc. You can also use it on your mini garden, holding the indoor plants like the picture below.

Gallery Images:

Norbruk Steel Geometric Matte Black Trays - In use

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Double Sided Folding Thick PU Leather Tray

It's a dice rolling tray

Although this tray is not really a tray for decoration (it's for a dice game), but you can use it as your decorative objects tray as well.

The design is pretty unique with each of the corner of this pentagon shaped tray can be unfolded/folded at will. You can definitely use this to hold watches, jewelry, keys, coins, candies,snacks and other accessories.

Gallery Images:

Double-Sided-Folding-Thick-PU-Leather-Dice-Rolling-Tray Colors

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Umbra Poise Two Tier Decorative Tray

It's plain and luxurious

It's simple, plain Jane, but surprisingly luxurious for your living room decor. both gold and silver version offer the same taste of luxury and you can definitely use it for your pricey objects, or just use it for beautiful cake serving (macaron?)

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Tree Of Life Hand-crafted Wooden Serving Tray

A tray that is not a tray

If you are into carving and art, you might love this version of tray. It's not just a tray, it's an art object as the design is handcrafted by a skillful artisan.

Serving teas and cookies with it, or just place it in your living room as it is could level up your room to the next level :)

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Barnyard Designs Nesting Serving Trays Rope Handles

Barnyard Designs Nesting Serving Trays With Rope Handles

The rope handle is farm rough

If you home have farmhouse style, I guess this Barnyard tray will match your decor very much.

The Tray set is coming in 3 pieces of wood tray with rustic coastal nautical theme. Similar with any other trays above, it's multipurpose as you can use it however you like. For serving foods, teas, storing objects, as a decorative item, etc.

Gallery Images:

Barnyard Designs Nesting Serving Trays Rope Handles Dimension

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Paulownia Wood Hand Carved Tray

Purely Natural Wood

I've never seen a Paulownia tree, but from this carved tray, I could see it has a good color and texture. If you are a natural decor lover for your home, you might consider getting this as your living room tray.

The only downside for this tray is that you can't use it to serves food like cake directly on the tray. But it's very good for serving tea and beverage.

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Midlothian Square Glass Serving Tray

Midlothian Square Glass Serving Tray

Beautiful Mirror Reflection

A perfect tray for serving great beverages and night snacks for nighttime movie session. It's a great living room decor object by itself, you can make it as a mirror when you let it stand on your table/furniture.

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Midlothian Square Glass Serving Tray

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Lainey Round Accent Mirrored Tray

Lainey Round Accent Mirrored Tray

Regency-Chic Style

An unique circular shaped tray with metalic openwork trellis walls finished in antique bronze.

It has a brilliant reflection at the bottom of the tray that adds more beauty to it. Very suitable for modern home decor and rustic design.

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Lainey Round Accent Mirrored Tray With Beverages

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Klaus Accent Tray

Klaus Accent Tray By Ophelia

Traditional Antique Tray

Klaus Accent Tray is a very antique tray suitable for homes with traditional design. But can be used on black/dark themed dining table as well as it will make the overall feel so amazingly unique. The base of the tray is a mirror, but not as clear as the mirror tray above. If you love traditional antique, definitely dont let go of this tray.

Gallery Images:

Klaus Accent Tray close up
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